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Susan J.M. Bauman

Susan J.M. Bauman has had a long and diverse career. She taught 8th grade mathematics for 8 years before attending law school. While in the private practice of law for 16 years, with an emphasis on employment and labor law, she also served as a member of the City of Madison Common Council. While on the Council, she served on numerous commissions, boards and commissions, including the Affirmative Action Commission, the Equal Opportunities Commission, the Board of Estimates, the Board of Public Health, the Community Action Coalition, and the Human Resources Committee, among others. She authored the City's rent abatement ordinance. In 1997, she was elected Mayor of Madison, a position she held for six years.


Sue is a good listener. She takes the time to hear people’s concerns and issues. She suggests solutions to problems based on what the parties tell her, and what she hears they are willing to do to resolve their issues.
Sue provides prompt responses to inquiries and requests for dates.
Sue always issues awards on time, addresses all the issues presented by the parties, and makes well reasoned decisions that are clear to the parties.
Sue has represented both employers and employees. She understands the workplace dynamics and has proven herself to be a fair and impartial mediator and arbitrator.
Sue has over 30 years of experience helping people resolve their problems. While at the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission, her services both as a mediator and an arbitrator were frequently jointly requested by labor and management.