Personal Injury

Being injured in an accident or incident can be a scary experience. Not only are you faced with recovery and getting your life back to normal, you must also deal with medical bills, settlement offers from insurance companies, and a variety of other obligations – all while your normal life is on hold.

Sue Bauman is an experienced personal injury attorney who understands the laws affecting those injured in Wisconsin. She has worked with people from all across the Southeastern, WI region, helping them recover damages and get what they deserve. She has served as an advocate for injured people but she is also adept at bringing parties together to reach fair and equitable solutions to the problem.

If you have been unable to reach a settlement that reflects the extent of your losses, rather than going to court, consider calling Sue Bauman to mediate the dispute. Sue is able to hear the concerns of the people involved and can bring a fair and unbiased perspective to the situation. Having Sue mediate your dispute will bring closure to the case much more quickly than prolonged litigation.