Disputes related to the workplace are some of the most stressful that can occur. For many, a dispute while on the job calls into question their livelihood. If a dispute is not resolved efficiently and in a manner that satisfies everyone, it can result in damage to a business and the loss of a career and income. Finding someone to help you resolve employment disputes in the best way possible is essential.

Employment disputes can arise over a variety of issues. It might be policy related and call into question whether or not a business is doing all it should to protect its employees and its bottom line. The dispute might be related to coworker interaction or events that occur between employees and supervisors. Regardless of what triggered the dispute, it is essential you find someone that understands employment law and can help to resolve the dispute as quickly as possible.

Sue Bauman has emphasized employment law throughout her career and has helped Wisconsin employees and businesses find resolutions to common and uncommon workplace disputes. Sue’s experience includes 16 years practicing in both the public and private sectors; as a member of the City of Madison Common Council and numerous boards and commissions, including the Affirmative Action Commission, the Equal Opportunities Commission, the Board of Estimates, the Board of Public Health, the Community Action Coalition, and the Human Resources Committee; as Mayor of Madison; and as a Commissioner at the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission has taught her that employment disputes can cause damage to both the Employer and the employees involved. She has handled many such disputes, both as an advocate and a neutral, and knows the importance of resolving them in the most efficient way possible.